The crystal child characteristics and gifts

We are more aware of the indigo children and the gifts they have, you maybe wondering what now ? the answers is the #crystal child and their characteristics.

After indigo children, we have now the crystal children. They are still young, they came in waves and born in around the year 2000, there is some speculation to this that they were born around 1995. Much like their Indigo equivalents, these children are thought to be exceptionally gifted, with a major purpose to take mankind to the next level in our development and disclose to us our inner power and divinity. There are many things that make them unique from the indigo children, which is that the crystal children function as a group consciousness rather than as individuals, they believe crystal child characteristics in the law that we are all one. They are a very powerful force in the hope for love and peace on the planet.

Other crystal child characteristics set them apart from Indigos, such as in contrast to their predecessors, the Crystal Children are mainly joyous and even-tempered. They are not exempt from the occasional temper tantrum, however these kids are, for the most part, flexible and easy-going. The crystal children are benefiting from the indigos, they can be very effective working working together. A real life scenario would be the indigo children leading, cutting down obstacles, the #crystal children would be following the cleared path into a much safer world.


Many have written about twin flames and the idea of twin flame relationship, there twin flame relationship were quite a few channeled viewpoints and profound beliefs in recent circles. The subject of twin flame relationship is rising, there is a big interest in this subject as it manifests into our reality. Men and women all over the world are finding themselves in circumstances where they find their Twin and they can never be the same again. So what really is a twin flame?

It has been said by many that twin flames are the other half of our soul, also known as twin souls. Each twin flame is a complete soul, these souls when they are together create something more.

Some think that we each have only one Twin, from which we have chosen to move apart and go in our different ways, incarnating over numerous life times, generating a complete spectrum of human experience and moving ever closer to revealing more love in the journey to remember who we truly are.

However its said by many there will be times, when the force of creation which is driven by the impulse of life to express the greater beauty, truth and love, conspires in a unique way to bring the twins back together again.. Such a reunion holds the pledge of something remarkable emerging from the power and interest that represents the capacity of the twin flame relationship. This reconnection of the One Soul, at a human level, includes the awareness, balance and combination of our masculine and feminine elements, raising individual and joint consciousness. Many have also said that twins come back together for their last life time on the planet, basically to ascend together.

I wanted to find out exactly what twin flames were really, I came across this post considered it to be really a quite an interesting read. It was certainly nice to know that there is someone very special out there for all of us, and twin flames are actually half a soul that become complete when we meet, check the article out I found it to be really good and adequately written, I have it bookmarked.

Twin Flame Telepathy Symptoms You Must Know

When twin flames vibrate at the same frequency they can interact with telepathy (twin flame telepathy signs), this permits channels in between their minds to allow interaction to take place between them. There is a sharing of mental energy, or in many cases other channels will vibrate at the integrating energy twin flames that will certainly allow soul feelings to be felt which in turn triggers this psychological energy.

Among the twin flame telepathy symptoms is when one twin comes tells the other a message utilizing #telepathy, or they interact using their soul or aura which triggers the same frequency in the other, both have the ability to send out messages to each other in this manner. It appears like when spirit guides and other ascended souls connect to earthlings through instinct. This is our frequency being supplied to the recipient to alert them or provide them a “thumbs-up” about situations along their path.

Twin Flame Telepathy Symptoms

In some cases when twin flames communicate using their mind or through speech, they can emit false signals, by saying things they didn’t actually suggest typically pressing the other away. Each twin flame must look into the messages being sent out through intuition. The intuition between twins, the exchange of soul energy can not be hidden and it will certainly show how the other really feels. This is what twins need to concentrate on, the everlasting soul and not the immortal mind that develops blocks and restrictions to interaction.

Pleiadian starseed, who are they and do they originate from?

Pleiadian starseed come from the planet Erra near the star Taygeta and are

extra-terrestrials that the majority of appear like humans. Pleiadians were first pointed out

contacted 130 times by a female Pleiadian Alien called Samjese. Billie

Meier’s contact with this Pleiadian woman resulted in an around the world

phenomenon to discover more info about who these Pleiadians were

and where they the Pleiadian originated from.

Today, we know more information about their origins and their home world.

Through various contacts (with Pleiadians and other alien races) alien

lovers understand how Pleiadians look, where they are from, and what their

previous communication with humans represents to our race as we begin our

development ages into the spiritual world so we might source our way through the

higher airplanes of celestial knowledge and sign up with the Arcturians & Pleiadians.

People are stated to share typical physical characteristics with Pleiadians the Pleiadian which can

be traced back to both the Pleiadian and Human Forefathers from Lyra.

The Pleiadian starseed currently hold chairs on the council which over see the

for the greater realities of the universe and remain a tranquil race of

extra-terrestrials. They have not reached the heights of their

friends, the Arcturians, they remain to establish the mental skills

essential to eventually reach their goal; however, their frame of mind

have actually allowed them to get the ability to shift in and out of our

dimension. Some guess that their whole civilization has moved

beyond our space and time and exists beyond our understanding.

Their primary source of transportation is their intergalactic spaceships

which are also referred to as Beamships. These Beamships have a similar

feel and look to the Grey Alien UFOs which are frequently identified

during sightings. Given that Billie Meier’s contact with the Pleiadian lady,.

many books and posts have actually surfaced to shed light on this race of.

aliens that we seem to identify with extremely carefully. As our trip takes us.

into the teachings of higher spirituality, we discover that lots of civilizations.

outside our world have already mastered and understood the advantages.

of becoming one with the Infinite Powers of deep space.

The many twin flame indicators

Throughout the course of your life you may have had unusual or powerful dreams, visions, or fantasies of a mysterious person. You get a certain sensation and the energy of the individual feels familiar, as if it is someone you have actually currently satisfied in the past or someone you will certainly meet in some unknown future. You have an unclear feeling that this person is genuine even if you can not see a face or design their physical appearance twin flame blog in your mind. You sense as if this person is ‘out there someplace’ and may even know who you are on the same level.

There might be an unusual synchronicity or event that surround the initial meeting in between very first flames. Often you sense or ‘knowing’ of something that you just cannot quite put into words. Twinflames commonly encounter each other for the very first time (whether personally or online) in an unusual way. The twinflame enters our life in an unforeseen escape of the blue and typically there are synchonicities and odd occurances or significant shifts in energy the exact same week of the initial meeting.

Many twinflame couples are physically at a distance or live in different countries. Commonly there is something that avoids the twinflames from being physically together in the beginning. This is generally because there is much energetic work to be done on the mental and psychological levels before the physical conference can happen. If the physical conference were to happen prematurely the energy can often be too intense.

The relationship is immediate, as though no time at all had actually been lost given that you were last together. You feel comfy with them and you feel you can really be yourself with them. Often discussion appear to last permanently and there is not much that twinflames are not going to discuss. It’s as if you might share your whole life with this individual and there is a level of openness and understanding in between you that brings a comfortable yet intruiguing sense of familiarity.

The sirian starseeds on earth and their roles

Sirians starseed had actually extremely established innovation. Sirians were likewise more spiritually sophisticated than we are– at least some Sirians. So, with their great technical abilities, Sirians created etheric implants. Etheric implants are energetic implants, so you don’t see them. It works like a push-button control device.

The preliminary intention Sirian starseed had when they created the etheric implants was humane. It was to advance the spirituality of less developed part of the Sirian population. Good-hearted, yet rather invasive, I believe. Worse yet, this fantastic technology didn’t come with any security precaution.

Eventually, unfavorable forces learnt about this terrific innovation, and they started to modify the implants to their benefit. They also made their versions of etheric implants by copying the innovation.

Etheric implants impact numerous souls to this day. The recipient of the implant could be anybody, but specifically, the following starseed groups have actually been impacted majorly:

Sirians: Virtually all Sirians have etheric implants, whether they are the initial implants or the customized kinds.

Hadarians: Many Hadarians received etheric implants while they were enslaved by the unfavorable souls– the implant runs manipulative programs in these Hadarians, regulated by the negative souls.

Objective Realmers: They, too, received etheric implants from the unfavorable souls when they were coming to Earth. In addition, I heard some Objective Realmers have Sirian’s etheric implants that work like a security device.

Pleiadians: Pleiadians have their own interesting history. While the majority of Pleiadians are positive light-seeking souls, numerous have actually relied on unfavorable and experimented with the implant technology. Pleiadians have their own variations of etheric implants.

Etheric implants have actually likewise been utilized in “star wars”, causing catastrophic outcomes. Polarians, along with Earth souls, are impacted by the result of the planetary modifications.

Sirians’ Perfect

Sirians know the dark side of innovative technology. While numerous Sirians are good at technical, analytical thinking, they also have a deep-set doubt to welcome their capacity. They have the fear of success.

As you can imagine, Sirians likewise have trust concern. It seems lots of Sirians discover it hard to trust others completely. They also have difficult time trusting themselves.

Sirians’ ideal, then, is to contribute to the improvement of this world with their know-how by getting over these challenges. I think numerous Sirians have sincere desire to enhance themselves and this world despite the sirius starseed fact they often sound rather “negative” or skeptical.

Sirians’ Gifts

Sirians are great at analytical thinking and well arranged. Lots of Sirians seem to be natural program supervisor, organizing dates and logistics of events.

Sirians love enhancing things. Again, numerous Sirians are still stuck in themselves at this time, so they might not be making huge enhancements, but still they cannot help their tendency to tweak things here and there. Oh, Sirians are so light-seeking, in their own way:-RRB-.

Sirian starseed, who they are and what they give earth

Today has to do with Sirian starseed. I get all sort of Sirian starseed starseeds as my clients for Akashic Record Reading, however as I look at my stacks of reading notes, the stack of Sirians are absolutely smaller sized than those of Alpha Centaurians and Hadarians.

(So if you are a Sirian starseed, let me understand what you believe about this post– I appreciate your feedback. I require to talk about Sirians prior to I talk about other starseed groups because Sirians have actually had major influence on them.

Sirian starseed are considered to be responsible for creating etheric implants and for that reason all the mess the implants have actually triggered …

There are individuals who keep Sirians have a special role in Ascension. Patricia Cori, who channels Sirian High Council, composed lots of books. I have actually just skimmed Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond, which is a collection of 3 works about 2012, and she is one of the contributing writers. She states crop circles are made by Sirians (non-incarnated ones who are seeing us in the ether). To be clear, I am not supporteding this view (there are scam crop circles), however they are interesting to look at and I guess Sirians can certainly do something like this with their innovation.

My understanding is Sirian starseeds can bring excellent technical development. This time, naturally, it has to come with care and regard for others’ free will.

We can all pick up from errors. We are enabled to make mistakes and pick up from them. Sirians’ creation of the etheric implant is a great example of this.

I don’t believe Sirians discuss loving relationships so frequently in my phone sessions. And I don’t know any Sirians starseeds first hand in my individual life. Exactly what I have to say right here is a bit limited.

I think Sirians research it tough to be in their heart. It appears, nevertheless, Sirians have more polished social abilities than Alpha Centaurians, who are likewise really much in their head and tend to be loners.

Furthermore, lots of Sirians seem to have low alignment level with Divine Truth. They most likely have the requirement to insist they are. And with their analytical strategy, they can make a great case “proving” they are. It’s not tough to imagine this tendency can strain their social relationships